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Files for AWGs via regular math

Files for AWGs via regular math

CAP Tool

CAP Tool is a Windows program for creation of arbitrary waveform generator files. Files may be written to a USB drive and uploaded to Rigol, Keysight, Tek or other AWGs or included into C/C++ or sourced into Tcl.

The "CAP" in CAP Tool is short for "Computed Analog Pattern". It mean you use math to define arbitrary patterns. This isn't completely new, but the extent is new.

To hardware, an arbitrary pattern (arb) is a collection of samples. To software an arb is merely a sequence of numbers. After you enter math, an embedded JIT compiler creates the sequence. To do this, it evaluates your math a thousand times or a million times. (It depends on how many samples you need.)

CAP Tool supports standard operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also standard trig, log and exponential functions. Also custom functions like trapezoidwave and sinewave (Hz, kHz, MHz or GHz instead of radians/second) and region() (peicewise patterns) and glitch() and a few popular constants.

CAP Tool v 1.7 supports the following output formats and modes:

1) .rdf files for Rigol AWGs

2) text .arb and .dat files for transfer to Keysight 3300 series AWGs

3) binary .arb files for the Rigol DS1104z-s

4) .wfm files for Tektronic / Rigol equipement

5) XY .csv for certain Keysight / B&K / Tek generators

6) .dat files for Syscomp

7) .h files to be included into C / C++ programs

8) .tcl files to be sourced into Tcl programs

9) clipboard to spreadsheet

10) delimited text files


11) delimited clipboard output

The version on Softonics is full-featured and has no limit on the number of datapoints a pattern may contain, but it is time-locked. The trial version expires after 20 uses.

We sell three versions of CAP Tool from our website. All the versions are the same, except that the Lite and Medium versions cost less and have pattern size limits.

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